Killing head lice


Applying Hedrin is Simple

Hedrin is a two-dose treatment. In order to treat head lice; a second dose of Hedrin should be applied 7 days after the first to deal with any eggs which may have hatched.

If re-infestation does occur; Hedrin may be used again immediately.

Dead lice can be washed or brushed out easily after treatment and any nits (empty egg cases) can be removed by hand or with a fine toothed comb.

How much will I need?

A little Hedrin goes a long way. The amount needed depends entirely upon the length of hair to be treated. A 100ml bottle will be sufficient for a two-dose treatment of short hair. Longer hair or multiple treatments will require a larger bottle.


Should be left to dry for eight hours or overnight, and re-applied again after seven days. The active ingredient (Dimeticone) is carried in Cyclomethicone (a silicone commonly used in hair conditioners), which evaporates; leaving the Dimeticone coating the louse.

Hedrin is not at all uncomfortable to leave in as hair dries. Once the treatment cycle has been completed, Hedrin is then easily washed out.

Hedrin 15

Specially formulated with non-volatile ingredients and clinically proven to help kill head lice in one go. Hedrin 15 should be left on the hair for at least 15 minutes (or longer if more convenient).

To remove Hedrin 15, simply apply shampoo directly to the entire surface of dry hair BEFORE wetting it. Shampoo thoroughly, then rinse with water. Repeat the process, then apply conditioner, rinse and dry.

Hedrin 15 contains anti-foaming ingredients so the shampoo will not lather readily. If necessary; repeat the procedure, remembering to apply shampoo directly to dry hair.

Hedrin Treat & Go

Apply and dry! Hedrin Treat & Go is applied to the hair and can then be dried with a hairdryer or left to dry naturally.

When dry, the product is hardly noticeable on hair, meaning parents and their children can carry on with their day while Hedrin Treat & Go works to help kill lice. Hedrin Treat & Go can also be used overnight. The product needs to be left on the hair for eight hours, after this then product can be rinsed. Being a water based formulation, it rinses out very easily.