Head lice advice

Teachers, Child Care Workers and Kindergarten Staff

Managing Head Lice

Below are a few tips that might assist you and your colleagues:

  • Educate all staff at the school or centre about head lice
  • If possible distribute policies and information on the detection, treatment and control of head lice to all parents and staff at the beginning of the year or even periodically if required
  • Encourage your school or centre to have an informed head lice support person (parent or staff member) who parents can contact for information regarding head lice
  • Consider making a school policy which requests children with long hair to tie it back whilst at school. Although tying back hair does not prevent head lice but it may help stop the spread
  • Teach the children to learn about head lice to combat bullying issue that may arise from an outbreak


Support for Parents:

  • Encouraging parents/guardians to regularly check their child’s hair for head lice (preferably once a week)
  • Be aware of the fact that the principle or person in charge is responsible for excluding a child from a school, kindergarten or childcare centre unless otherwise stated in the facilities head lice policy
  • With a sympathetic attitude and offering advice to combat the issue you can avoid offending families who may be experiencing trouble controlling their child’s head lice

Download Guide
Hedrin like to make it easier so please download the Template Letter to Parents so this can be sent out if there is a head lice outbreak.
Template Letter to Parents