Kill head lice

Why Hedrin?

Clinically Proven

Hedrin products work hard to help kill lice by depriving them of the ability to feed.

The physical mode of action means that lice are unlikely to become resistant to the treatment.

All Hedrin products have been clinically proven and are supported by some of the largest clinical studies ever conducted on head lice.

Family Friendly

All Hedrin products are colourless with no unpleasant smells and do not contain harsh ingredients. The ingredients used in the Hedrin have been used in cosmetic formulations for many years and have been shown to be well tolerated.

All Hedrin products are suitable for use on children 6 months and older and by pregnant and breast feeding women.

Kills Lice & Their Eggs

Lice eggs can be tricky to get rid of but Hedrin is here to help with their tried and tested 2 step process. The first application helps to kill lice and their eggs, while the follow up application 7-10 days later assists to kill any newly hatched eggs that may have been missed during the first application.


Over time, head lice have become resistant to certain pesticide based treatments. Hedrin formulations work in a purely physical way, so resistance rarely plays a part, even in lice that have become resistant to pesticide treatments. When an infestation occurs, there is usually no need to try different treatments because Hedrin products can be used repeatedly without the risk of lice becoming resistant.

No Combing Required

It can be a painful task to get your little one to sit still for a long period of time while their hair is combed and checked for lice. Hedrin formulations are not required to be combed through. All Hedrin products are developed with convenience and ease of application in mind.

Kind On Skin

Hedrin products are suitable for use on children as young as six months and do not contain any solvents which could be problematic to people with asthma. Hedrin formulations are not absorbed into the skin, making them suitable for both adults and kids with sensitive skin.

Hedrin Range

The Hedrin product range has the needs of your family covered, and a treatment method to suit your lifestyle. Click here to learn more.