Head Lice Treatment

You’ve probably got enough to worry about without the hassle of head lice. However, don’t panic, because we’re here to help, dealing with head lice can be straightforward if you take the right action

There are clinically tested products in the Hedrin range, designed for head lice treatment and protection. Each one has been specially formulated to suit your family’s preference and lifestyle.

Hedrin® 15 Spray Gel

A fast acting solution that takes just 15 minutes to work.

Hedrin® 15 Liquid Gel

A fast acting solution that takes just 15 minutes to work.


Head lice have a unique strategy of water management. Instead of producing urine they eliminate excess water via tiny passages in their exoskeleton called spiracles. The active ingredient Dimeticone, a silicone oil, disrupts this process of water management by coating the lice, causing them to become permanently immobile, and blocking the spiracles preventing them from getting rid of excess water. As a result, any lice that have recently fed suffer from death by gut rupture and, the ones that haven’t, die of starvation.

Hedrin is a Class 1 medical device for the treatment of head lice. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Suitable for adults and children 6 months and over. NicePak Products (NZ) Ltd, Auckland, NZ. TAPS NP18877